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Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

Jim Rolm

Most frequent questions and answers

There Are No Stupid Questions Here

You will always meet your coach weekly at a set day and time that you agree to at the beginning of the program.

Calls are always done via Zoom and we always encourage you to show your face!

Each coach has their own availability which you can find by looking at the About The Team page. You’ll see we’ve converted their availability into the most common time zones for ease.

We’ve helped people with a lot of personal struggles and addictions from pornography, cannabis and alcohol. Although we are no substitute for a proper rehabilitation program our service can add an extra layer of support and accountability coaching for you.

Yes! As part of the introduction call or onboarding we will find a time that works for both you and the coach to meet every week.

It can be for both! We have a lot of clients that are working on businesses or just work in busy jobs where they need some help staying on top of things. Most clients have a combination of both personal goals/habits and business ones. 

If you’re looking for help growing your business checkout our specific business and entrepreneur mentoring at Barking About Business.

Our coaching is so exclusive we don’t offer any discounts other than a small discount if you renew your program after 12-weeks.

We are actually quite specific about who we onboard to our accountability course. We need to be sure that you respond well to external influence and are coachable – because not everyone is!

Ideally, yes. The real question is, why are you hiding? If you’re not willing to show your face we’d suggest that you aren’t really ready for coaching.

If you’ve let us know ahead of time then you will be able to either rebook that appointment later that week (if the coach has time) or it will be added to the end of the program. 

If we are sat on Zoom waiting for you to join and you don’t after 10-minutes you lose the call. Consider it a lesson in being accountable for your own actions.

When you sign up you’ll automatically be setup in our exclusive online coaching platform. This will give you access to all your actions, habits, metrics, worksheets and appointments for the duration of the course.

Tut tut. We will talk about why you couldn’t do them, reset that deadline and we will coach you on what you can do differently to achieve. Sometimes clients like to have penalties such as – but we will discuss that on your first call.

We are here to support you in your personal growth. The fact that you will have to admit that you’ve done something and explain to us why if often punishment enough.

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